My daughter came to Future Stars last year. We left a gym where the coaches were unapproachable, inconsistent and did not seem to care about my daughters gymnastics future. Future Stars has been the exact opposite experience. Tatyana, the coach and owner, is always available to speak with us. She constantly gives you feedback on your daughter. She is tough, but in a constructive way. She never attacks the gymnasts personal character. Safety for the gymnasts is a top priority. She never pushes the kids past their abilities. I believe Tatyana truely cares about the gymnasts. My daughter has excelled at Future Stars and I could not be happier with the experience.

Danny Mohr


I just wanted to let you know I miss you so much, you have made such an impact on my life. I think about you a lot and I would love to come see you soon!!

Mecquel Fouratt



It’s been a while since I was at Future Stars Gymnastics but I started out in the regular classes and eventually was on the competitive team. I’ve been at a couple of different gyms but Future Stars Gymnastics was the best. The place isn’t huge but that’s the good part because then coach Tatyana can have eyes on everyone. She always gave proper feedbacks to each of us so we could improve and she was strict but never asked for the impossible. Even if the gymnast herself thought it was, eventually she accomplishes.

It’s thanks to Future Stars Gymnastics that even after I had to once quite (due to personal reasons), I still held the desire to do gymnastics and was able to join an amateur team.

Moyumi Takemura


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